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Suggest Location for the Depeche Mode Map

Faded Route 66 sign on red background
Photo by Vic on Unsplash

Do you know of a Depeche-worthy location missing from the map? Use the form below to submit your suggestion.

Because there are potentially thousands of locations, the current criteria for a location being added is that it must be a place that is significant to Depeche Mode canon, e.g., places where videos were shot, concerts were held, or venues that have a strong DM focus. In other words, it can’t just be “I saw Dave eat at this McDonald’s one time, so it belongs on the map.”

Please note that I am still in the process of uploading all the tour venues, as listed in the official archives, so please do not submit any of these; they will be on the map eventually. Yes, it’s just a question of time.

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