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The Depeche Mode Map

I love to travel (obviously), and when I know I’ll be near a location that’s somehow related to Depeche Mode, I’ll more than likely make time to stop by and snap a shot. So I’ve started a map — video locations, concert halls, and anywhere else that a Moder might want to visit.

Am I missing a place? Let me know in the comments by including:

  • a Google link to the location
  • a brief description as to how the place is related to Depeche Mode
  • dates (when possible)
  • URL to photo that can be used (if available)

Because there are potentially thousands of locations, I’ve come up with some very basic guidelines about what can make it on the map. For example, the venue must be a place that is significant to Depeche Mode canon, e.g., places where videos were shot, concerts were held, or venues that have a strong DM focus. In other words, it can’t just be “I saw Dave eat at this McDonald’s one time, so it belongs on the map.”