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Hanseatic Wharf: Bergen, Norway

Cities Visited 2017

After accidentally moving to Europe in 2014, I returned to the U.S. in August and began visiting friends and knocking off states from my need-to-visit list.

Hasta La Vista, 2009

I have mixed feelings about 2009, which is probably why I haven’t blogged here since the beginning of last year. From most perspectives, 2009 was far better than 2008, the most reviled year I’ve experienced since the debacle that was 2001, and it brought some surprises I couldn’t have anticipated. […]

Carter at the Montreal Science Centre

A Day in Old Montreal (Montreal, Day 3)

Damn if my sister didn’t come up with the best idea of the trip: dangling the carrot of zip-lining to keep the kids in line. With that in mind, I purposely planned that activity as the last of the trip (not to mention it’s out of town and thus requires […]