Alysia Gray Painter, Wilfair Stay Awhile
Book #3 in Alysia Gray Painter’s Wilfair new adult series

Authors turn to Jenna when they require a polish before submitting their manuscripts to an agent or, if they’re self-publishing, directly to the press. In addition to ghostwriting and co-authoring, Jenna offers several types of editing services, listed below in the order they are usually required:

Developmental editing: This is a high-level review of the manuscript that looks at such factors as concept, thesis, structure, narrative arc, character development, style, voice, language, point of view, and organization. After Jenna reviews your manuscript, you will receive inline notes, which may include anything from suggested revisions to questions about specific sections or ideas. A developmental edit is most beneficial for authors who have completed a rough first draft or first-time writers who need additional guidance.

Line editing: Once you have completed several drafts of your manuscript, you are usually ready for a line edit, which entails issues concerning voice, language use, writing style, clarity, and creative content.

Copyediting: This is usually the last check a manuscript receives before it goes to the agent or publisher. At this stage, the editor is checking for consistency in spelling and punctuation and is not looking at larger issues such as character development, plot, and structure.

Jenna’s projects have included genres such as young adult fiction, new-age self-improvement, health and fitness, and memoir. Following are just a few of the titles she has edited, as some authors wished not to have their works listed, especially those she ghost-authored. (Note: All links open new windows.)

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