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Looking for a good book to read while you're traveling in Bolivia? Check out my list of books about Bolivia and by Bolivian authors.


Rodrigo Hasbún
CATEGORIES: Person/Place/Event

Based loosely on the life of German cinematographer Hans Ertl, Affections follows Leni Riefenstahl’s former cameraman and lover as he flees his homeland after World War II. Once in Bolivia, Ertl enlists two of his daughters to search for the lost Incan city of Paitití, while his favorite daughter joins up with local guerrillas and becomes known throughout South America as “Che Guevara’s avenger.” Hasbún’s award-winning novel has been translated into 10 languages, while the author himself has received accolades from Jonathan Safran Foer, who said of him, “He is not a good writer, thank goodness. He is a great one.”


Our Dead World

Liliana Colanzi
CATEGORIES: Sense of Culture

From A Year of Reading the World: “What gives Colanzi’s writing its own unique flavor, however, is her love of unusual perspectives. From [short story] ‘Family Portrait,’ in which the surfacing of longstanding grudges between generations is told largely through the eyes of the photographer’s assistant helping to set up a group photograph, to ‘Story With Bird,’ in which the narrator steps back briefly from events to envisage a time when humankind is extinct and other unimaginable beings inhabit the earth, the writer delights in showing us her characters from surprising angles.”

(Recommended by Ann Morgan, author and TED speaker)

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