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Faithful and Devoted: Confessions of a Music Addict

Faithful and Devoted cover, book about Depeche Mode groupies
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Faithful and Devoted: Confessions of a Music Addict

Both an ode to the joy of music and a cautionary tale of obsession, Jenna Rose Robbins’ coming-of-age adventure offers a glimpse into a subculture where unchecked fanaticism can lead to both euphoric and devastating consequences. As a love letter to fellow music addicts, the memoir of her time following Depeche Mode on the 1993 Devotional tour brings readers face to face with the artists she idolized, while speaking directly to the heart of every music fan.

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“…an intriguing account of one woman’s fandom.”
Publishers Weekly

“Robbins is a terrific storyteller… and manages to balance the Depeche Mode elements with the personal elements of her tale extremely well, alongside being funny, nostalgic and poignant in equal measures throughout.”
— Kevin May, author of Halo: The Violator Book 

“A vivid and immersive account of a superfan’s trip to see her idols Depeche Mode in concert, that’s also a heartfelt coming-of-age story.”
— Author/contest judge Vic James for BookLife

“…An engaging and entertaining read. [Rating: 9.25/10]”
BookLife (a division of Publishers Weekly)

“However you approach this book, it doesn’t disappoint. Jenna’s no-nonsense, easy-going articulation of her experience makes the read well worth it.”
Midwest Book Review

“Almost all the events were delicious morsels of happiness for any fan. They’re sure to leave a jaw or two on the floor. Regardless of who the reader’s favorite band is, this is a fun little read.”
Book Reviews Anonymous

“A wonderfully written memoir… [that] is much more than just a Depeche Mode book… Jenna’s words of faith and devotion will be familiar not just to Depeche Mode fans, but to all music fans.”
Almost Predictable

“Faithful & Devoted is a love story amplified by music and mishap and all the reckless abandon you only wish you were capable of once in your lifetime. If you’ve ever been young and wanted one thing above all others, this is the book for you.”
Gina B. Nahai, author of Caspian Rain 

“This is the stuff that youth will always be made of: curiosity, adventure, experimentation, music, sexuality, mistakes, survival, and mostly, fun. Borrowing just a bit of inspiration from generations past, Jenna’s encounters are original yet familiar as she comes of age, taking the characters in her international circle along for the journey. Jenna’s knowledge of music and its various ‘scenes’ adds to the book’s matter-of-fact delivery, and by story’s end, we empathize with the characters as they discover self-empowerment and the many faces of rock ‘n’ whatever.”
Mike Ragogna, Huffington Post

“The music lives within all of us, but for some, it lives stronger than others, the songs, the bands, and the fans a pathway to the soul. Jenna Rose Robbins is one of those, and shares her colorful, funny, poignant, and sometimes tragic tale of following the cult of Depeche Mode around the country, and around the world. Worth a read for any DM fans out there, and lovers of music the world over.”
Peter Shankman, ‘80s music child

Media and reviewers can request copies by emailing info@jennarobbins.com. Press kit available here.