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Valley Sky

As I hump over the Sepulveda Pass each morning on my way from the South Bay to the Valley, I marvel at the instantaneous change in climate, as if some giant paw has flicked an electrical switch from “foggy” to “muggy.” The sun cuts through the gloom as if on […]

Hiking Topanga Canyon

The California State Park website claims Topanga is “considered the world’s largest wildland within the boundaries of a major city.” Once you’re inside the park, that boast is easy to believe.

Yet Another Travel Meme

Come up with more questions of your own, because these are rather lame. Home Is: Los Angeles, CA (although I grew up on Long Island and lived throughout the Tri-State area before moving out West) The One Place I Haven’t Been But Want to Visit Before I Die: Only one? […]

Travel Meme

I have no qualms about stealing lists from others’ sites. That’s what memes are all about, no? To that end, I give you the most prolific travel meme I’ve come across: a list of the cities you’ve traveled to in 2006 (* indicates non-consecutive visits). Without further ado, here’s what […]