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Before Your Call

Thank you for scheduling your free half-hour consultation. Before we speak, it would be helpful if you could familiarize yourself with the following material.

Hiring a Ghostwriter/Editor

The client-editor relationship is key to producing a strong, professional manuscript. Read more about working with a ghostwriter/editor.

Author Platform

If you’re not sure what an author platform is — and why it’s so important — please read the following:

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Both require you to have an author platform. But when publishing a nonfiction book traditionally, you’ll also need a book proposal.

Preparing Your Manuscript for Review

Since page count can vary wildly, depending on fonts and spacing, the most accurate way to assess the length of your work is by word count. To find your word count in Microsoft Word, go to Tools in the menu bar, then choose Word Count.

To ensure the legibility of your manuscript, use standard fonts such as Times or Arial in 12-point font. Double spacing is also recommended.

You may also want to prepare by deciding on your goals for publishing a book.

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