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Michael Levin, author and founder of Business Ghost“Jenna Rose Robbins is an outstanding ghostwriter and co-writer with impeccable editorial skills. I have trusted her with projects spanning a wide range of topics and have always been thrilled with the results.”

Michael Levin, Founder and former CEO of Business Ghost

“Jenna is an amazing writer, editor, and social media expert. Her range of experience makes a huge difference and we always love the results when we work with her. The very best!”

Beth Doane, author of From The Jungle: Stories and Original Art From Children Living in Rainforests

“Although I never met Jenna face to face, I loved working with her by phone and over email communication for over two months. A friend referred her to me to help the design and implement of a new website for my novel that I was about to release in July. Jenna prepared a multiple-page RFP that was sent out to a few website designers in the U.S. She managed the whole project process and social media campaign. Jenna is very professional, pleasant to work with, and persistent on keeping me and my project on time and on budget with the web designer. There is no way that I could have accomplished this overwhelming project without her help!”

Timothy Patten, author of Money, Family, Murder

“Staying visible and connected with my clients and supporters is critical to maintaining my growth and success. Jenna is the human ‘Google Search’ of social media and marketing.”

Patrice Simon, author of Take Up Your Mat and Walk

Stay Awhile: Wilfair Book 3 by Alysia Gray Painter“I turned to Jenna for a major book edit because I knew I could trust her to take care of details, from the minutia I might be apt to pass over to big-picture stuff. I was positive she would be 100% pro, top to bottom. And that was exactly the result. Not only did she deliver my book ahead of deadline, but her suggestions, grammar edits, clarity tweaks, and helpful comments enhanced every page. She is both efficient and creative, two qualities one doesn’t always find in a single package. Jenna is also refreshingly frank and forthright when she sees something isn’t jiving, and she’ll say so. In short, she doesn’t let stuff slide. Brains? She has got them, boy.”

Alysia Gray Painter, author of the Wilfair series (Wilfair, Redwoodian: Wilfair Book 2, and Stay Awhile: Wilfair Book 3)

“Jenna has covered our company, Shark Diver, in numerous magazines and online articles. Her ability to write humorous, first-person accounts of adventure and to take the reader into the moment are hallmarks of her writing style. She often looks for small details — ones that traditionally get airbrushed out of standard adventure travel writing — that allow the reader to connect in a way that has led to direct sales back to our company. For us, articles that translate into sales are the metric for success. On a personal note, I was impressed that she got into the adventure as an actual participant rather than an aloof observer, which we find with other adventure travel writers.”

Patric Douglas, CEO of Shark Diver

“Jenna Robbins edited my first novel, The Lost Gateways. Her expertise in the field of editing was unsurpassed in my experience of being a writer. She was meticulous with detail, artful in her creative ability to make suggestions to me, and assisted in the processes of character development and story line. I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

Margaret Fitzgerald, Author of The Lost Gateways: Discovered Ancient I AM Principles

“Jenna Robbins’ knowledge of website content editing launched my Internet writing career to new heights. Her insight for the intricacies of web writing, coupled with her word-savvy and knowledge of the language, took a hobbyist and made him into a pro. She is a writer’s best friend and a publisher’s right-hand.”

Chris Barili, freelance writer/editor

In Search of the Elusive Peace Corps Moment: Estonia, by Douglas Wells“I did the initial writing, but Jenna Robbins was the one who really gave a professional touch to my manuscript. With her help we were able to put short stories that had been individually published into a single book that would be understandable for the reader. She went above and beyond the call of duty to give us something we could actually put into print. This first-time author is very grateful for the guidance she gave.”

Douglas Wells, author of In Search of the Elusive Peace Corps Moment: Destination: Estonia