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Raise Your Baby Right With Depeche Mode Lullabies

Last Updated on July 7, 2022

Rockabye Baby: Depeche Mode lullabies
Start your kid off right with Depeche Mode lullabies.

When one of my dear friends and the designer for my book cover announced she was having a baby, I didn’t even have to think about a present. Lluvia is not only a fabulous graphic designer, she’s also a fellow Depeche Mode fan, so the choice was obvious.

I happened upon the pure brilliance that is Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Depeche Mode a few months back and, upon receiving the invitation to the baby shower, ordered a copy post haste. Even though I forgot to attach a card to the present, Lluvia knew which was mine, and she texted me the next day to tell me how much she loved it.

Just in case Depeche isn’t your thing (heaven forbid), Rockabye Baby offers nursery-appropriate covers of other popular bands, including:

There are a slew of other artists covered, but those are some of the highlights.  Most every installment also has clips you can listen to on Amazon. I’m not providing a link to the Dave Matthews installment for obvious reasons, good taste and not wanting to be a party to child abuse being two of them.

Of course, even if you were to buy the whole catalog, you’d still be only half as cool as the dad who taught his kids to perform Depeche Mode songs. Just take a look:

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