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Vote to Name My Depeche Mode Memoir

Last Updated on June 10, 2018

Songs of Faith and Devotion album art Depeche ModeDraft three is almost complete, but I’m still not sold on the book title. When I workshopped the story in grad school, my class convinced me to call it Just Can’t Get Enough, but that’s always been one of my least favorite Depeche Mode songs. So, I’m turning to the masses to help me decide.

Please note that this is not a book about the band. Rather, it’s my experience in being a fan and following them across Spain during the Devotional Tour (which was in support of the album, Songs Of Faith And Devotion, thus one of the titles below), as well as the trouble my obsession got me into. The intention of the book is to show the non-musically obsessed what it means to be an obsessed fan — of any band, as well as to share a story with those of like minds. I’m also still looking for a few last stories of music fanaticism as interludes between chapters.

Any title I choose will most likely have a subtitle for clarification, so, for example, if Overmoded were to win for votes, the subtitle might be A Tale of Faith and Devotion. Still working on all that.

Also, just because a certain title wins doesn’t mean I’ll definitely use it. I’m just trying to get a bead on people’s general thoughts. Thanks for your help!

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  1. You didn’t nominate Walking in My Shoes!

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