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Wanted: Your Most Outrageous Tales of Music Loyalty

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

Are you the ultimate music fanatic? Have you done something over the top in the name of your favorite band? If so, I want to hear your story!

I’m nearing completion of my book, a memoir about my own personal obsession with Depeche Mode and how that obsession got me into more than a little bit of trouble. Between chapters, I’d like to include stories from other fans — those of Depeche Mode and otherwise — of how their own personal musical fanaticism went beyond that of the average fan.

I’ve already collected quite a few stories that range from wild to downright funny. Over the years, I’ve heard of people flying to other countries to peruse record stores for rare vinyl, tattoos that cover entire backs (and backsides), and stories that would make Pamela Des Barres blush.

Some of the stories I already have include:

  • A friend sneaking his military-school buddy off base in the trunk of his car to see a Depeche Mode concert.
  • A Martin Gore-obsessed fan pretending to be a family member to get into a gathering at the songwriter’s hotel.
  • The son of a lottery winner who used his mother’s new-found wealth to purchase tens of thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia, including one of the band’s gold albums.

How do you measure up? If you’d like your story to be included in the book, please leave a comment below or contact me via email. Credit will appear as your first name and last initial, plus your city and state. Ex: Jenna R., Los Angeles, Calif. You can also have your full name included, if you wish. Please send any stories to me by October 31, 2012. And thanks!

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Brownie points to anyone who knows the significance of the above Depeche-related photo.

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