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Raging Waters, Raging Chicas (Los Angeles, Day 3)

Last Updated on July 18, 2021

Micaela goes for a spin on the water slide at Raging Waters, San Dimas, California
Micaela at Raging Waters, San Dimas, California

America’s Funniest Home Videos would do well to place a permanent camera on the Flowrider attraction at Raging Waters. As we waited in line, those before us provided some much-needed diversion in the 95-degree Valley heat, but it was two tweens in particular who had the crowd in hysterics. Micaela lasted a few seconds before she was tossed back like a ragdoll in the spray. Jessica lasted a little longer, but got caught up in an eddy where she spun around like a dreidel before her board got sucked away. (See video below.)

Had I not hurt myself after the very first ride (slipping on a mat), I would have tried the Flowrider, too, which I’m sure would have made for footage that would have kept Ilene in hysterics at least until Micaela’s high school graduation. But, alas, I had to sit out a few rides until my pulled muscle felt a tad better, then I rejoined the girls in aquatic antics.

Jessica looks leery on the water slide at Raging Waters, San Dimas, California
Jessica looks a little nervous before our raft heads into the tunnel.

While waiting on a ride with Poseidon as the mascot, I began telling las chicas some Greek myths, mainly to keep them from singing, as they had on the other lines, and also to keep them from trying line acrobatics on the crowd-control barriers. They couldn’t get enough of the stories, so if we have a chance, I’ll stop by a bookstore and see if I can find a book that might interest them. I considered renting Clash of the Titans, but I don’t think they’d be able to get past the ancient animation style, so they’d probably bore quickly.

Jessica: Take 1
Micaela (Picking a Wedgie): Take 2
Micaela: Revenge of the Flowrider
Las Chicas Gritando

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