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Las Super Chicas Invade LA (Los Angeles, Day 1)

Last Updated on July 20, 2023

Super Chicas Los Angeles Burbank airportLas chicas landed in the sweltering Valley, skipping LAX for the more compact Burbank airport. After relating their ordeal of the overly attentive woman in the seat next to them (and having said woman almost overhear), Micaela and Jessica mentioned how they’d never before walked off a plane onto the tarmac or seen an outdoor luggage carousel.

Micaela and Jessica on the Disney lot
Micaela and Jessica on the Disney lot

We headed over to It’s a Wrap, a second-hand store that sells clothing from TV and movie sets, but it didn’t have the clothes labeled with the stars who’d worn the duds so we left pretty quickly. A few miles later we were at the Disney lot, which was pretty empty since it was July 3, which meant no lines at the commissary store. We strolled past sound stages and various historical Disney sites, then realized our stomachs were rumbling. At first we considered getting Mexican, but then, not wanting to drive all the way to Venice before eating, I remembered my favorite Japanese curry restaurant, Blue Marlin.

Jessica on her cell phone, as always
Jessica on her cell phone, as always

Las chicas dove into the medium-spicy curry and liked the spaghetti with wild vegetables and soy-butter sauce, but their favorite was the creamy risotto. Jessica liked the sauce so much that she ate a mushroom covered in it, then went on to try bok choy. I thought they were stuffed to the gills, but somehow they still had room for tempura ice cream, which was polished off in a matter of seconds.

Across the street we explored the Japanese market, where the girls squealed when they saw all the crazy dried fish products. We bought some candy and fruit-flavored sodas, then headed to the grocery store to stock up for breakfast. The girls couldn’t believe the size of Ralphs, and when I told them there are bigger supermarkets, their eyes grew wide. With our English muffins and fruit, we then headed home, since we were all pooped. Halfway through a movie (Overboard), we gave up and hit the hay, intent on getting a headstart on the next day.

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