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Yet Another Travel Meme

Last Updated on July 20, 2023

A sunfish, or mola mola
A sunfish (mola mola) pretends it’s not a freak of nature.

Come up with more questions of your own, because these are rather lame.

Home Is: Los Angeles, CA (although I grew up on Long Island and lived throughout the Tri-State area before moving out West)

The One Place I Haven’t Been But Want to Visit Before I Die: Only one? If that’s the case, then I’d have to say Australia. It’s been my number-one destination since I did a report in sixth grade, yet somehow I’ve been to more than 20 other countries first. Go figure.

The Weirdest Place I’ve Been: Weird? Long Island ain’t normal. Vegas is delightfully dysfunctional. But weird? Ohio is up there. I might have to vote for Reno, just because I’ve teased my friend Michelle about her hometown since the day I met her (and before I’d even been there). I was disappointed when I finally visited and there weren’t midgets and clowns walking on the streets. I don’t know how I got that impression, but I suppose I was disappointed at how un-weird Reno is. Still, it isn’t normal.

How I Feel About Flying: Much better about it now. I’ve had several worse-than-bad flying experiences, including my first flight ever, where my brother had to land the plane. I no longer panic like I once did, but I still like picking up/dropping off people at airports better than going myself. Of course, if I knew how to fly, I’d probably feel even better about the whole experience.

My Last Road Trip: Drove up north in my new Prius to see my ol’ pal Dimi, whose belly is now the size of a volleyball. Marin is so bucolic that my paltry 36 hours up there felt quite relaxing and longer than it was. On the way back down, I stopped in Santa Cruz to see Julie, my roommate from UCLA, who I hadn’t seen in roughly 14 years. (Note to self: Must spend more time in Santa Cruz. Why have I not done that yet?) After that, I hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, thus checking off one more item on my California to-do list. Another six hours down a pitch-black PCH and I was back home.

My Last Train or Boat Adventure: Well, since it’s technically a ship, I can’t count my Bahamas trip. So I guess I’d have to say my shark-diving excursion to Isla Guadalupe.

Best Music for a Road Trip: My self-made “Road-Trip” playlist on my iPod. One hundred fifty songs makes most any ride just fly by.

My Favorite Travel Item Is: iPod, baby. Unfortunately, mine is on its last legs. I shall mourn Dirk when he finally passes and blurts his last digital note.

I Think That I Am A _____ Sort of a Traveler: Laidback? Adventurous? Sarcastic? Person-who-thinks-this-question-sucks?

The Farthest I’ve Traveled: Circumnavigated the globe during Semester at Sea. Get me back on that ship, please.

Taken From: How to Spell Stoopit

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